Get psychological counseling for depression, anxiety, panic attack, phobia, bipolar disorder, relationship issues, stress, and anger issues.


Relationship Counselling

Relationships are the most important and vital parts of our lives. Building a healthy relationship is an art to be learned and a seed to be nurtured.


Depression is a word that is widely used but less understood. It is often confused with sadness, anxiety, phobia or stress.


An unbiased view about the issues you are facing in your family, and ways to cope with them. Increasing your confidence in your parenting abilities.

Kids Counselling

Branch of counselling that focuses only on the mental wellbeing and mental issues that arise in children

Personal Growth

Process that takes place over the course of your life. As you grow and evolve, you learn to adjust to changes in yourself.

Motivation & Goals

Our interventions can support short-term goals that blend into long-term goals over time.


Anxiety is the mind and body’s reaction to stressful, dangerous, or unfamiliar situations. It’s the sense of uneasiness, distress, or dread you feel before a significant event.

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Bhavdeep Chandra
After demise of my father I realised I’m not behaving properly in every aspects of my life and imagining a lot of scenarios. I’m taking counselling session from here and feeling very good after taking these session and have realised a lot of my negative thoughts pattern.
Manju sharma
She is very polite…u can talk to her without getting comfortable…go visit her its worth it
bani preet
Dr. Sheetal & her team have created a really calming and positive environment. They take time to understand and level with you which helps you ease into the whole process.
Disha Chauhan
Ma’am is really good at what she does and everything she says comes from great experience. The office is really well maintained and the vibes are great.
Divya Sehgal
Best psychologist in tricity. Her approach is different and practical.
Jagandeep Singh
Some people just keep posting negative stuff. I do not believe in all this. I have been to this place and I felt absolutely amazing being there everyone was very sweet. We should not pay attention to such people.
Shafali Singh
This is in reference to the last review that has been posted by a person i know closely. I had recommended her to visit Dr Sheetal Sharma ma’am as I saw her suffering from multiple behavioural problems and she had been seeming very lost since several months. Even though she visited many psychologist and psychiatrists before, she has never been satisfied with the experience and cribs about every other thing around her. I feel guilty to have recommended her to this place as I have been visiting this place for a long time and I have never experienced anything mentioned in the review with ma’am. She always been very nice to me. I am surprised to see that my friend was not satisfied here. If she didn’t want to make things better then what was the point of visiting so many doctors and leaving a bad remark on each one of them by doing all of this. She has made me realise that I have made a big mistake by helping her and in the future I would never try to help her. She herself is under some very bad influence, and then she is the one talking about things like conversion therapy. God bless her…
I honestly think it’s a scam and have wasted my 10 k Don’t visit there guys and don’t trust these people experience was freaking horrible and will just loot you for your money … they literally will try to manipulate your mind and it’s so similar to conversion therapy Stay safe y’all
Poonam Thakur
The session was very insightful. And Sheetal mam explains the things very well.
Harmanjot Purewal
I did my internship with dr. Sheetal sharma and her team. I had a wonderful experience of getting to know psychology and aspects of psychology in practical terms. Dr. Sheetal sharma and all the team members are dedicated to their work and justify the field pf counselling psychology with their practice.


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